Sunday, March 3, 2013


Our first day and a half in paradise,
was filled with beautiful views, amazing food and warm breezes.

We visited our favorite little spot to eat,
The Sardina Cantina.
We drove down to Cabo and hung out at the marina and Medano Beach.



 We dined on mouthwatering cuisine!

 In the evening we walked along the waves to a little beachside café for dinner.
I'd like to say this was followed by a romantic sunset stroll along the beach.
But it was not.
Shortly after our meal we were both overcome with sickness no one should ever have to experience!
The rest of our vacation was spent stuck in the condo,
 snacking on saltines and Sprite, recovering from food poisoning.
We did make it out the last couple days to experience a few excursions.
I finally became a dolphin trainer, if only for the day.


And we ziplined across this canyon eight times.

Until next time,
~ Hasta Luego ~

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