Thursday, January 31, 2013

You Make My Heart Sing

 ~Subtle sentiments of love throughout the salon. ~
~ Valentine, you make my heart sing. ~
~ Cookie Cutter Cupids ~

~ Heart Garlands ~

~Love Letters ~

~ Love Songs and Roses ~

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tunnel of Love

This sign hangs at the entrance of our hallway.
 Kenny and I pass it each night on the way to our bedroom.

Hallway = Tunnel of Love ... close enough!
I'll meet you there Babe! ~
We'll listen to This.
If you need your own Tunnel of Love sign,
 you can print this super cute one from Here 
Valentine's Day Printable
If you'd like to follow my Valentines Day Board on Pinterest you can do so Here .
~ Amore ~

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cootie Catchers

Remember these?

My childhood was filled with many different cootie catcher scenarios.
 Who will I marry, where will we live, what will my job be?
 How many children would me and my husband
 (which was decided by picking number 2 and the color green) have?
 My sisters and I would spend countless hours deciding our fates.
 One, Two, Three, Four - Pick a number... One, Two, Three ... Pick a color...
 Yes! - A mansion on the beach.

1, 2, 3,... blue ... Perfect!  I've always wanted to be a dolphin trainer and have two sets of twins.
When the choices got old, we'd fold us a new one and fill it with endless possibilities.
I definitely think Cootie Catchers fall under the Valentines Day category,
 so I added a few to my décor.
~ If you'd like to make your own and need a little refresher course visit Here ~
~Happy Folding and Best of Luck~

Monday, January 28, 2013

Key to My Heart

I've been doing a little Valentines decorating.
I found these darling metal keys at Hobby Lobby
 and decided to design my Valentine buffet table around them.
~ You Hold the Key to My Heart ~
~ Love Is The Key ~

 ~ Tea for Two ~

 ~ Loving Memories ~

~ Secret Love ~
Makes me want to listen to This!
 ~ XOXO ~


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Are You Ready For Some Football?

In  honor of the upcoming Super Bowl,
I  decided to share the highlight reel from Bear's  Football Birthday Party last year.

The  new football was not only part of the décor but was also a gift to Bear.
 We had all his friends sign it so he could have a souvenir 'Game Ball'. 

Bear's jersey sporting the magic number of the year.

 In the Locker Room we issued the team jerseys and then had the boys visit the Photo Booth.
 Every new Rookie needs a trading card.

Big Bear Knight

After their pictures the team headed on out to Knight Stadium for some training exercises.
The obstacle course.

'Coach Kenny' leading the boys in some drills.
The boys worked up a sweat and made their way to the Sideline Fueling Station.
We finished off the party with awarding the MVP trophies.

Remember folks,
 you saw your up and coming Super Bowl stars here first!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Blue Tortoise

My children have heard my 'It's All About The Presentation' speech many times.
I truly do believe everything is better in a pretty package, tied up with a fancy bow, or in this case a nice shiny paint job and killer accessories. 

I also believe in many cases this quote is true.

one of my favorite quotes :)
Over the years, I've also tried to teach my kids that although the 'Outside' things are nice,
 what really matters,
 is what is on the Inside.
Well, to Kolby's dismay -
 This past week we found out that all of these life lessons do NOT apply to the Pinewood Derby.


In this case,
 I'm thankful Kolby was pretty good at applying the 'Be a Good Sport' life lesson.
At least the Blue Tortoise will look good sitting on his bedroom shelf!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Spa Birthday Party

I had the privilege of playing a small part in a spectacular Spa Birthday Party this weekend.
 My extremely talented  friend Emily,
 planned and designed a Spa Retreat that would give any high end salon a run for their money.
  It was quite the event and truly every 12 year old girls dream day.

A delicious dinner, making lip gloss, and receiving hair treatments,
 were just the beginning highlights.
 Emily's mother-in-law and husband whipped up these amazing head wraps for each girl.
- Yes ladies, I said husband. Who knew we had such talent in the neighborhood?
The girls enjoyed a chocolate fountain buffet bar
 while making visits to three separate spa treatment stations.
A massage station, a foot soak station, and a manicure station.

The girls were a delight to have in the salon!
After they finished up with the stations they headed off to a relaxing evening in the hot tub.
At the end of the night,
 each girl received a darling gift box
 filled with all the necessary items to pamper herself at home.


 Happy Birthday Paige!
Thank you for letting me be a part of your special day.


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Valentine Past

While out running errands today I picked up a few Valentine things.
I love to carouse the holiday aisles when new seasonal merchandise first comes out.
It gets all my creative juices flowing and makes me want to plan parties.

  With my bag full of pink and red goodies,
 and my mind reeling with an abundance of lovely ideas, I headed home to brainstorm.
After sorting through my new purchases,
I took a look at our last years Valentine's Dinner pictures, and thought I'd share.



~ Two goofy mustache men ~

~ Pucker Up ~

~ Just a couple pair of Love Birds ~

~ Mwah Mwah ~