Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Blue Tortoise

My children have heard my 'It's All About The Presentation' speech many times.
I truly do believe everything is better in a pretty package, tied up with a fancy bow, or in this case a nice shiny paint job and killer accessories. 

I also believe in many cases this quote is true.

one of my favorite quotes :)
Over the years, I've also tried to teach my kids that although the 'Outside' things are nice,
 what really matters,
 is what is on the Inside.
Well, to Kolby's dismay -
 This past week we found out that all of these life lessons do NOT apply to the Pinewood Derby.


In this case,
 I'm thankful Kolby was pretty good at applying the 'Be a Good Sport' life lesson.
At least the Blue Tortoise will look good sitting on his bedroom shelf!

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