Sunday, January 6, 2013

Starting Small - Laundry Room

 To begin my 'Operation Clean and Organize Entire House' project,
  I choose to start with one of the smallest rooms in the house.
It didn't take too long,
 and it boosted my confidence in tackling some of the more monsterous tasks ahead.

The shelf of sorting baskets.
 Someday I have visions of  fantastic 'Restoration Hardware' lined baskets,
 but until then - these shall work.
On top of the sorting shelf, sits this vintage cookie jar filled with clothespins.
 Next to it we have the money jar, for all the loose change we find in the bottom of the dryer.
- It was recently emptied to help the boys fund a few Christmas gifts.
 The little ramekin holds all the boys 'pocket treasures', buttons, odds and ends.

 I found this drying rack at Gardner Village,
 and the old vintage hanger at an Antique store.

While treasure hunting at Desert Industries awhile back,
 I came across these two beauties.
I love this rusty old worn file cabinet.
 It houses all the necessary laundry items and of course the long lost sock pile.

I'm not sure what this was in its prior life,
 but after a little makeover, it performs the job of laundry hamper very well.

This corkboard holds all the pertinent information.
 I found the chore list Here.
The cabinet on the back wall is home to these items.

My Dad gave me these great vintage spools.
Aren't they fantastic!

I finished off the laundry baskets with simple tags to remind the children - and dad,
  just exactly what goes were.

I used the ideas from here to deep clean the washer.
keeping your front loading washer running clean and clothes fresh smelling

 One room down, many to go!

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