Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cootie Catchers

Remember these?

My childhood was filled with many different cootie catcher scenarios.
 Who will I marry, where will we live, what will my job be?
 How many children would me and my husband
 (which was decided by picking number 2 and the color green) have?
 My sisters and I would spend countless hours deciding our fates.
 One, Two, Three, Four - Pick a number... One, Two, Three ... Pick a color...
 Yes! - A mansion on the beach.

1, 2, 3,... blue ... Perfect!  I've always wanted to be a dolphin trainer and have two sets of twins.
When the choices got old, we'd fold us a new one and fill it with endless possibilities.
I definitely think Cootie Catchers fall under the Valentines Day category,
 so I added a few to my décor.
~ If you'd like to make your own and need a little refresher course visit Here ~
~Happy Folding and Best of Luck~

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