Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Marines Birthday Party

I was sorting through pictures last night,
 and came across these of Kolby's birthday party last year.
Boy, a year has whizzed by!
Kolby wanted a Marines Birthday Party.
 Lucky for him, we have resident Sgt. Knightmare in the house!
We sent the draft notice out to all young men of age.
Hung the balloons. Using This technique.

Stocked the Armory.

 And prepped the Chow Hall.

Once the soldiers arrived for Bootcamp,
 we issued uniforms, dog tags, and gave each a few tattoos.
 Then they met with Sgt. Knightmare for the low down.
They were issued their weapons -
 Single Barrel Marshmallow Shooters.

And engaged in some tactical training exercises. 

Unfortunately, we had a few casualties,

 Luckily nothing high doses of sugar couldn't fix!
Fun was had by all!
Each soldier graduated with honors and was sent home with new skills and a loot bag .
A proud 8 year old soldier!

~ The Few, The Proud, The Marines ~

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