Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Legend of the Green Milk

The Legend of the Green Milk
(To be read in a slow, somewhat spooky Irish accent.)
Once upon a time, many years ago,
 in a glorious land of rainbows and overflowing pots of gold,
 lived a Leprechaun...
He was a very special Leprechaun, and had one important job.
 He'd wait all year round, for the eve of  'the day of the wearing of the green',
Sometime in the wee midnight hour that sneaky little leprechaun
 would invade fridges and iceboxes everywhere,
 and deposit an assortment of items in his favorite hue.
 You know,
 the legend says if you consume green milk,
 delivered by a leprechaun himself,
 on the morning of the emerald sun,
 you will be transformed into one of the little red bearded,
 clover loving, knicker wearing, rainbow lurkers...
What else would the Leprechaun leave?
 Lucky Charms, of course -
 They're magically Delicious!
 Some Lucky Leprechaun Brew to chug in honor of Saint Patrick.
I used free printable labels from Here .
Goodie Bags filled with golden nuggets.
I used the free printables from Here .
Slan leat ~
For a Little Irish Chuckle watch This !

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  1. How come you have such great ideas? I love your blog. Thanks for sharing.