Tuesday, November 6, 2012

70 Years, A Legacy of Love

My sister and I had the privilege of helping with invitations and decor
 for my Granny and Grandpa's 70th wedding anniversary.
70 years - What an amazing accomplishment!
They are wonderful people, and great examples of love, dedication and strength.
As a child, they were always there to support me.
 Whether I was running in a track meet or celebrating an achievement,
 Granny and Grandpa were always in my cheering section!
 As an adult, not a single important event has gone by
 for me, or my children, that they haven't attended.
  On your birthday you can still expect a joyful duet rendition of 'Happy Birthday',
 with Granny on one phone and Grandpa on the other.


I love these old photographs.

Granny loves the fall colors.
One of the many fond memories I have of Granny and Grandpa's house, is their beautiful backyard and the Chestnut tree. As kids, all of us cousins would gather the chestnuts and make necklaces, toys, or use them for a friendly game of  "Toss".  I thought it would definitely be appropriate to use them in our centerpieces.

It was an honor to help you celebrate your special day!

Much Love

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  1. Your decor is amazing! Did you purchase it or make it? If you made it, what materials did you use and how did you create those beautiful garnishes!?