Sunday, November 18, 2012

Calling in the Elves

I think the number one, top of the list, most dreaded Christmas chore, has hands down got to be...
 Putting the lights on the tree.
 I'm sure that is why the pre-lit Christmas tree was invented!
 They are brilliant and beautiful -
 That is until the lights don't work anymore and you have to restring them. Oh my, what a mess!
 Throwing the whole tree, lights and all in the nearest dumpster never sounded better!
 Instead, for the sake of the budget and the fact they don't make my beloved spiral tree anymore -
 I called in the troops to help wrangle this job! 

Some Live Action Shots 

Taking the lights off  -
  Approximately 2 hours

Putting the light on -
  Approximately 5 hours including a trip to the store after running out of lights

Wound care -
 Approximately 15 minutes

 Decorating the Tree -
??? Sometime into the wee hours of the night

Troops not pictured:
Gentri - Dinner pizza pickup
Kenisha - Midnight clean up
Bear and Kolby - Outside leaf duty

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